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Embroidery and Embellishments 4

Today's zoom lesson was on how to do reverse applique.

Mark on one of the pages of the embroidery booklet, various shapes. They can be only circles, squares, triangles, leaves, hearts. A page of each shape or a number of different shapes on the same fabric page.

Mark with a pencil, fabric marker or chalk.

Mark shapes on fabric

Fold each shape in half and make a small snip with the scissors.

Snip inside the shapes

This snip on the folded fabric is so that you do not cut the rest of the fabric by mistake

Cut the shapes

Insert the scissors into the snip and begin cutting.

Cut around each shape slowly and carefully

Choose background fabric.One piece which is the same size as the page or smaller pieces in different colors and create a patchwork piece out of those different colors so that each color sits under the cut away shape.

I find that creating a patchwork page is easier than using individual pieces.

Choose background fabric

If you choose one piece as I have done place it under the page with the cutouts .

Place under cutouts

Stitch both layers together close to the edge

Stitch both layers together

Cut away the excess bottom fabric

Cut away excess fabric

You now have a page with cutout shapes and a different color underneath

Now the fun begins.

Embroider with a running stitch in a contrasting color around each shape. Or choose a different embroidery stitch for each outline or a different colored thread.

Have fun embroidering

Reverse appliques

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