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Winter Slow Stitched Garden 1

As usual I am working on a number of projects at the same time. I have been trying to focus and not do that. I had said that I would be working only on hand stitching for a while, no machine sewing.

I covered my sewing machine and spread all my hand sewing supplies for the project across the tables in my studio.

I sorted my fabrics and threads according to the 4 seasons and even designated a box with smaller containers in it , per season for that.

I had planned to write pdf tutorlals and create videos and sell them. And then while sorting my photos in my fabric project directories I came across what I call my Nova file. All my good intentions for hand and slow stitching flew out of the window. There is something I have a burning desire to create and when that feeling takes over there is nothing that will get in the way. I enjoy slow stitching but it doesn't give me the ability to create all of the pieces that I see in my mind's eye. I need my sewing machine!

I did commit in my newsletter and on facebook to creating a slow stitching course. I have sewn and taken many pictures and created many videos, so what I decided to do is create a free video course which I will upload to youtube in stages.

The first part is there already.

So there will be no pdf but there will be videos as I get to them.

The first season that I have worked on is Winter and I created 2 different pieces for it. The first is what I call a rustic primitive garden. The first video is online and there are at least 2 or 3 more to come.

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19 feb.

Very cool. its spring here in Victoria, B.C. Canada, but still the flowers are not in full bloom. How do I join you on this fun slow stitch?

Reageren op

You follow me on youtube 😊 the videos are there in the slow stitching playlist

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