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Even Smaller Pieces

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Every time I create with small pieces I wonder how I can work so small and then I go even smaller.

For scale
For scale

I have a number of techniques that I have created for working with small pieces and then when I go smaller I find that I need to adapt and create even yet another technique.

Really really small fabric pieces
Really really small fabric pieces

For these small pieces I initially began by using my mosaic technique and then discovered that the pieces were way too small for that.

I turned the sewing machine off, made a cup of coffee and sat and thought.

(My pocket amulets can double as coasters - very practical)

I have a strict rule when creating. I won't create a technique that requires purchasing any special materials for construction. No vilene no special glues, no bondaweb and also no chiffon or netting (unless I already have some in my stash). I always have a supply of cheap white plastic school glue and that can sometimes be used but not if the end product is going to be washed.

The technique has to be possible with only a sewing machine, a domestic with a straight stitch, fabric scraps and thread. Sometimes ironing, but often even not that.

Why do I do this? You might ask. You might also say, these materials are readily available so why not use them.

Well there is that, but.... Times are changing. Finances are changing, Shipping is changing, the world is changing.

One thing that does not change is an artists desire to create. I continually challenge myself to use only what I have on hand and the one criteria is that the end result must be aesthetically pleasing and practical.

I have downsized my fabric supply. Donated and given away about 200 boxes. I kept a certain amount in all the colors of the rainbow so that I still have the ability create without ever purchasing any fabric again.

I have it, a new fabric creating technique. I will call it Scrapfabric.

It can be used to create base fabric which can be used for art or as fabric to create practical products such as bags and pillows or very colorful beads.

This is the ultimate use for all of the tiniest of scraps that I have. Pieces this size used to go to doll or pillow stuffing, now I am not sure that I will have any left over for that when I am done creating.

Earth scrapfabric
Earth scrapfabric

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Mar 09

Yes, but can you share the technique? We are now curious.


Can you tell us how you did this? Thank you.

Sharon Prigan
Sharon Prigan
Nov 27, 2021
Replying to

here is a detailed pdf tutorial which I wrote and sell that teaches this technique – you can find it here

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