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Even the tiniest of pieces

When working on projects I keep all of the remnants. I store them according to size so that they are easily accessible for my various techniques.

I had purchased this jacket from Carol Kinney

Orange tie dyed jacket
Orange tie dyed jacket

and requested that she over dye it in my favorite colors - this is the result after she worked her magic on the jacket

The over dye
The over dye

I always get a larger size and then can resize it easily. After resizing I had many remnants left over and they were added to this selection.

Ny color slection of fabric pieces
My color selection

The pieces were very small but I still decided to challenge myself and create a wave landscape patchwork piece. The technique is more suited to longer thinner pieces but I wanted to see what I could do.

Choosing pieces
Choosing pieces

I laid the selection out in the color order that I wanted

The color order of the fabric pieces
The color order

and this is what resulted.

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