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Fabric Obsessions

This morning a friend on facebook asked in a post what our obessions are.

I was just thinking about that! Standing with a cup of coffee in my studio and looking at all the things that I have created this week. Making new fabric from scraps is what I would call my obsession. It is the technique that I connect with the most.

I have downsized my fabric supply, given away 200 boxes of fabric and the thought that I might need some of it in the future had crossed my mind while sorting.

This week I created new ScrapFabric and the height of the pile that I was working on did not diminish. Its a kind of magic.I kind of feel like Rumpelstiltskin when creating new fabric - straw to gold. Or rather scraps to something functional.

I also see the products that can be created from these new fabrics, abstract art of course, that goes without saying. Fabric jewelry and clothing, vests and even pants and skirts and of course many practical products, bags, pouches, pillows and curtains too.

Some of the fabrics I create lend themselvs to art creations and others to more practical ones.

The wave technique is my most arty one. The created fabric is a very sturdy construction so it lends itself to being used for pouches and pillows as well.

Wave landscape patchwork
Wave Landscape Patchwork

These 2 pieces will become a zippered lined pouch

A pouch
A pouch

The crumb tecnnique is one of the most versatile it can be an art piece as is, a background for embellishing upon, bags and an entire range of household items from aprons to pillows to placemats and even huge curtains.

Crumb patchwork
Crumb patchwork

A summer lined apron.

Summer aprom
Summer apron

This upcycled fabric uses geometric shaped pieces to create interesting textural fabric.

Creating Fabric
Creating Fabric

An elegant zippered pouch.

A zippered pouch
A zippereed pouch

The mosaic technique uses scrap pieces of varying shapes, squares, triangles and strips, it is heavily overstitched and I use it to create bags, pouches, vests and tunics.

Mosaic landscape patchwork
Mosaic landscape patchwork

A cell phone lined pouch

A lined patchwork vest

Autumn vest
Autumn vest

When creating a new fabric my fingers itch to sew products from the fabric to show what uses it can be put to.

This week I created some ScrapFabric made pockets from it and am going to make buttons and beads - the technique I will be sharing on the blog.


ScrapfFabric pockets
ScrapFabric pockets

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