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Grey shaded crumbs

Updated: Jan 10

I think every season has all the colors of the rainbow in different depths and shades. Winter has red which becomes an aubergine purple, yellow becomes mustard, green becomes olive, blue turns to slate grey, orange becomes a flat brown, indigo becomes a dark navy and violet a dark purple.

To acquire my winter palette I take out all of the shiny bright colors, choose my darker shades and then look for paler matte tones with a shade of gray over all the colors. I am left with pale lilac, pale green, pale blue, taupe, pink-grey and pale yellow. I add in as many shades of grey as I can find, black and white and there is winter.

Some of the colors in the mix could fit the spring palette as well, but teamed with greys, they are winter.

Winter crumbs

When I work in a season I create panels for use in a number of projects. A background for an art piece.

Crumb quilting

Panels can be used to make a quilted zippered pouch.

Quilted zippered pouch

And a patchwork pillow.

Quilted winter pillow

Or even a patchwork winter throw.

Winter patchwork throw

A winter patchwork top before backing and quilting.

I prepare boxes of fabric panels using the crumb quilting technique so that I have patchwork fabric at the ready for a project.


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