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Updated: Mar 20

I am glad that I followed my first choice of thread color for quilting.

Green and teal colored threads on a quilt

When I look at fabrics I instinctually feel what is right. I see the colors and usually don't think about choices, I just work with what feels good and right for me.

I think because I was creating this piece for a tutorial I over thought the color scheme. I spent a morning making a smaller quilt so that I would have a sample to work on with a grey thread when instinctively I had liked and chosen the teal.

Quilting wht grey thread

The grey is a perfect neutral and it is always good but in this case didn't add that extra touch that I wanted.

I am very happy with the way it turned out with the teal quilting

This is a 47 page PDF Download Tutorial - Large Wave Landscapes This can be purchased here on Etsy

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1 Kommentar

Unknown member
30. März 2023

What a wonderful difference the quilting made! Teal is my favorite ‘neutral’ color - next to orange of course!

Gefällt mir
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