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More ScrapFabric

Last week I worked in spring colors creating some boho fabric. I had a selection of spring colored strips.

fabric strips in spring colors

and lots of small pieces - remnants from other projects

pile of small spring colored fabric pieces

I created this art piece using my Carnival Boho Fabric technique

carnival boho fabric art piece in spring colors

which I then turned into a pillow using my pillow technique

spring colored pillow

Every time I sew something a new pile of scraps is created. Its like neverending supply of fabric, now that I know how to create with it.

very small fabric pieces in spring colors

That pile of very small scraps I turned into a piece of ScrapFabric

finger on fabric to show how small the pieces are

piece of scrapfabric

Now that I have so many different techniques for working with small pieces of fabric my fabric supply will never run out.

Small spring colored scrapfabric piece

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1 Comment

Apr 21

Hi ! Beautiful technique how exactly do you make the confetti like effect with the small pieces ??

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