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My table today

Looking for new ways to upcycle fabric scraps and create new interesting fabrics. Today I played with pleats and will show you what I did.

My color choice of scraps today.

My choice of fabric strips today
My color choice

4 cm wide strips 1 solid and one comprised of 3 different colorrs.

one colored sfabric strip and one solid fabric strip
one colored strip and one solid strip

My color layout

Color layout of the fabric strips
Color layout

Stitch each solid strip to a colored strip

Joining the strips together
Joining the strips together

Iron them flat and then fold in half and iron again

Ironingthe strip flat
Ironing the strip flat

The completed strip

The ironed folded fabric strip
The ironed strip

Each strip has to be stitched in between 2 other strips. I chose olive green strips

The 3 fabric strips to be joined
The 3 strips

Lay one olive green strip on a piece of flannel sheeting

Placing the olive green strip on the flannel sheet
Olive green strip on the flannel sheet

On top of that the double folded colored strip