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My Wave Sunset

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I was very busy creating my sunset this week. first of all it took me ages to find the right colors in my scrap boxes.

fabri c strips on a table

And then to find coordinating threads in my stash

spools opf thread

spools of thread on a patchwork piece

I won't buy new fabric. So what I did was create a huge box of fabric strips sorted into color sets for coming projects and there are those waiting on the back burner.

Then working on the techniques I had seen in my head. It takes some doing to translate them to fabric but I did it.

Wave Landscape Sunset

Then sewing and taking lots of videos for my tutorials.

wave landscape patchwork piece

A pdf will be available here -

and videos will be available here -

I will share pictures once it has been quilted.

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