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Orange Sunset

Last week when creating my Wave Sunset piece for the pdf tutorial that I wrote and video class that I am working on, I created a few different sun pieces.

wave sunset. sunset patchwork quilt

As you all know already I won't buy new fabrics so I have to be creative when choosing fabrics for a new project. This time I wanted oranges,

strips of orange fabrics

For someone who doesn't like the color orange I found a large variety of different shades in my stash.

strips of orange fabrics on a table in a color progression from light to dark

Next I looked for threads and was again surprised at what I found in the boxes.

skeins of orange embroidery threads

Sewing threads in cotton and polyester.

spools of orange sewing threads on a table

I chose this spool for the project

spool of orange sewing thread on a patchwork art piece

and created a sun with fabric scraps

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