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Practical Pouches

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Who says pouches that are practical can't be pretty. I have been working in these colors for the past month together with my students.

olive colored fabric scraps in a patchwork layout on the table

I took a train ride today and delivered fabrics and zippers to students. Their project this week is to create zippered pouches which I will be seeing in the zoom lesson on Sunday.

In the meantime I have continued working on my art and also creating my version of a zippered pouch. I am using what I call my "boro" technique by machine.

What is boro stitching

Boro is the technique of using a small running stitch by hand to strengthen and reinforce tattered and ragged fabrics. Garments in Japan were mended using this technique to preserve fabrics and clothing.

I created a twist to the technique by using machine sewing instead of hand stitching. Hand stitched boro pieces are beautiful but time consuming and that is an item of short supply for me so I sew by machine.

fabric pouch in olove green colors embellished with yoyo fabric flowers

Everything that I used here is upcycled including the zipper. The fabrics are remnants from the art pieces that I am working on and the yoyos were made from a box of fabric circles that many of my students cut from scraps over the years. So there is something from everyone in this pouch.

fabric patchwokr pouch in olive green colors embellished with yoyo fabric flowers

I also made a piece of embellished yoyos while I was on a roll of creativity. I am not sure what I will use it for. The possibilities are a fabric bracelet cuff, the center piece of a headband or a fabric belt, or to create a second one and use for a collar. Many possibilities.

embellished yoyo fabric flower art piece in olove green colors

To learn and teach others how to create zippered pouches there is a 59 page PDF Download Tutorial - Lined Zippered Pouch Tutorial here on Etsy

and here on the site

Zippered pouches

In the sewing course children are taught practical skills. They are taught to create a number of multi purpose items made from fabric scraps that they have at home.

They are also taught 5 different zipper techniques. Inserting a zipper in a lined pouch is the first in the course.

They are taught how to make zippered pouches from simple gift pouches to elegant fashion accessories. Zippered pouches make great gifts and are a good way to use fabric scraps. Over the holidays my students have learned to make their own gift wrapping. A zippered pouch is the ultimate. It serves as the wrapping, it is a gift in itself and it is reusable.

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