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I always work on a number of projects at the same time. They are usually sized according to the remnants of the largest project that I am working on. This time I did something different. I am working on 3 separate large projects at the same time.

Every single table in my studio is covered with a different project. I can do it this week as the childrens classes are on vacation, so the studio is only mine for the week.

The way that I usually work is at the end of my work day I put the projects that I am working on away and take them out the next morning. I can't do that this time and all 3 are large projects.

An art quilt technique, a patchwork tunic and a large wave landscape piece.

The first, the large wave landscape is finished. I completed it, marathon style last night, it is a gift for a very close friend, I still have to work on the binding and I haven't decided on the color yet. I need to think about it a bit more.

I have completed the first sample for my next tutorial, T Shirt Strip Art

a sample of a t shirt strip art piece

and I am working on the tunic you get to see the sleeves which I am still working on

sleeves with patchwork for a tunic

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