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Rustic and Floral

Updated: Mar 10

I love working with flowers, I don't like wearing them as much, and I don't like appliquing them on bags that I use.

I made an exception this time. I wanted a rustic bag for myself. I found these strips for the body of the bag

fabric strips in rustic colors on a dark brown table

and these to create a braided strap

fabric straps for creating a braid in green tan and brown

Braided strap

sewing the patchwork bag on a sewing machine

After I attached the strap and closed the bag, I hung it on the wall and something just didn't feel right. The body of the bag is rustic and rough and the strap is too soft and lightweight.

I unpicked the top stitches, removed the strap and thought about it some more.

patchwork bag with braided strap

I decided I wanted a heavier, wider really rustic looking strap so I created one.

fabric strap for bag made with rough patchwork pieces

Now it feels right

Attaching a wider strap to a patchwork bag

The wider strap suits the bag much better.

And the flower arrangement is not overwhelming. I plan to use this bag a lot

Rustic floral fabric bag

A selection of bag tutorials can be found here on Etsy

and here on the site

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I love the bag. Beautiful job.

Replying to

Thank you so much ❤️


Jan 07

This is just nummy, Sharon! I like the heavier strap as well. I suspect that braid will be used somewhere because it is also just super. The flowers are a true bonus and bring the bag into another realm! Love it! Janet Becker

Replying to

Thank you ❤️

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