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Scrap Sewing

My challenge this month is to create using only pieces that I find in the student's scrap box.

I am using it as a means to show them that they don't have to spend a lot of money to create art. To use their imagination with what they have on hand.

I am looking forward to seeing what they create.

The pieces in the scrap pile change every week as they are remnants from the week's work

Lat week there were many orange and blue pieces so a random sorting gave me these pieces.

Summer colored fabric strips
summer colored fabric strips

Which then became a miniature summery wave piece which could be a pillow, a pouch or a miniature patchwork landscape.

Summer wave landscape art quilt
Summer wave landscape art quilt

This week there was a random mix of summer colors.

I also have a box of remnants for batting. Pieces of fleece from blankets and sweatshirts, coat linings and polyester batting.

I found a polyester batting and lining piece for the under fabric of the patchwork piece.

Random mix of summer colors
Random mix of summer colors

I didn't even look and just pulled some strips out of the pile and began to stitch.

One can create art with whatever is on hand, you just need the techniques.

summer patchwork
summer patchwork

A summer rainbow art quilt.

Rainbow art quilt
Rainbow art quilt

I will be making a different piece each week - only from the scrap box.

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