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Sewing fabric dolls

Last year in sewing class we had a doll making session. I allowed everyone to choose what type of doll they wanted to make but laid down some ground rules. I believe in teaching them life skills from an early age and planning and drawing a pattern before beginning to work is one of those skills.

They first had to draw a design of their dolls, measure the size, calculate how much fabric they needed - more or less, and write down on the pattern sheet whatever other materials, decorations and notions they would need.

Each student has to use a notebook in class and keep their patterns in a file folder.

I have students who are now 18 and have been studying with me since age 10 and they enjoy going through their notebooks and pattern folders comparing notes from now to then.

Fabric doll design

Before desiging he wanted to see what fabrics I had . He found a yellow sheet, some denim remnants and took white and black pieces from the general scrap basket. He is 8 years old but works in a very methodical manner, way beyond his years.

Then to cut out the pattern pieces

Pattern pieces

Stitch the parts down on the body

Stitching pieces down

He had a very definite idea of how he wanted to stitch the eye

Sewing the eye

Next step to stitch and pin the arms and legs which have already been stuffed to the front body piece.

Attaching arms and legs

Lay the back body piece face down on the front piece with the arms and legs stitched and pinned inside

Closing the body

He then stitched all around leaving a window opening for turning inside out.

Window opening

The doll turned inside out very carefully to avoid getting pricked by the pins inside, and arms and legs pulled out, now he has to stuff the doll via the window opening.

Turned inside out

His finished doll.

His finished doll

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