• Sharon Prigan

Sing the Blues

I taught a sewing class this week and whenever I do that I end up with a lot of remnants from all of their projects. These remnants normally go the to scrap pile for the next class's patchwork pieces.

This time one of the students chose to work with a lot of blues and the scraps caught my eye.

I am always on the lookout for interesting scraps to create wave art pieces. This time there were quite a few strips left over so I found enough for a wave piece and for a textured piece.

In addition to that I am working on 2 new tutorials and there were enough pieces for those in the remnants pile as well.

Blue remnants

I began by cutting the remnants into strips

Choosing strips

I sorted them into longer strips

Longer strips

And chose a selection for a wave landscape art piece

I found some shorter pieces for a textured landscape - the blue on blue is a bit boring,

Textured landscape

so I added some purple silk and teal chiffon strips to the selection for a visual pop.

For my first new tutorial which will be for creating fabric pieces. I found some shorter strips

Shorter strips

And for my textile painting tutorial I mixed the smallest pieces for fabric paint.

Fabric paint

This is what my table looks like today

Table in the studio

Now I need a few hours in the studio to create.

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