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Slow Stitching Seasons

Those floral fringed bags that I have been creating and using and gifting have not gone unnoticed.

I wore my burgundy autumn colored bag to a meeting last week

floral fringe bag in autumn colors with floral embellishment on the bag

People commented on it and asked where I had purchased it. I told them that I had created it and that I teach the technique.

Well one thing led to another and they asked me to teach them. We will not be using a sewing machine, it is going to be a slow stitch course.

I worked on samples in the colors of the 4 seasons this week. All the seasons have all the colors, as they do in nature, but in different depths of color.

The idea that I have for the course is to create some crumb patchwork pieces using hand stitching and then teach how to create fabric flowers and slow stitch a floral garden.

I have a huge supply of yoyos in all the colors of the rainbow

boxes of fabric yoyos and flowers on a shelf

and many pre-cut fabric circles which will accompany me to the class

transparent boxes of fabric circles

as well as my large selection of vintage threads which are only good for hand sewing

pastel colored enbroidery and sewing threads and spools

and beads and buttons.


pile of spring colored fabric yoyos

spring colored fabric patchwork pieces and yoyos and fabric flowers on a table


Scraps and strips perfect for creating fabric flowers

summer colored fabric strips in a pile

summer patchwork fabric pieces and fabric strips


Autumn colored patchwprk fabric and yoyos and fabric roses and buttons on top of the fabric piece


I took out all the colors that had a flat, grey overlay for that winter feeling.

pile of winter colored fabric circles

Crumb patchwork pieces and fabric yoyos in winter colors

Now to have some therapeutic slow time creating the samples

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1 Comment

Feb 19

I really love your concept and your work <3. I am drooling over your scrap bag! Please post more seasons!

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