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Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This is going to be one of the most challenging and ambitious pieces that I have attempted so far. A radiating sunset.

fabric strips in sunset colors on a table

I have many techniques under my belt. Most of them self taught and for this piece I am going to have to incorporate a few different techniques to achieve the look that I am envisioning.

The way that I work is that when I am developing a new technique I create small samples for myself to see if what I am imagining can work technically. When I find a technique that works I then go to my notebook and write as much information of my process down as I can.

I do a rough sketch and write down a list of the colors that I "see" and then go to my fabric collection and see what I have and what I have to improvise on. I do the same with my threads.

8 spools of fabric threads, orange, fuschia, pirple, teal, blue and tan

Next step is to lay the strips of fabric out in a design and then to create a colored sketch using pencil crayons.

pencil crayons in colors of the rainbow

I have reached this stage, my fabric strips are ready and my colored sketch is done.

sketch of a sunset over water

I have many notes and now to work. This time it is even more ambitious as I plan to write a very detailed pdf tutorial and to create a stand alone video course as well.

Now to begin sewing.

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