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T shirt strips

i don't throw remnants away. I sort them according to color and fabric and I have a separate organization for t shirt scraps. I sort them separately because I work with them differently. They stretch and can't usually be sewn to non-stretch fabrics.

t shirt strips and a bowl of pins

I had collected quite a large amount of t shirt strips from all the shirts that I had resized and have been itching to create with them.

I made the usual (for me) items out of t shirt remnants, yoyos, fabric flowers

fabric yoyos, rosettes

grren yoyos, rosettes and beads

I have wanted to create 2 things with t shirt fabric - art and fabric to create clothing.

Patchwork clothing made from cotton pieces lends it self to a specific type of garment, coats, jackets, pants, not really something that is flexible, that calls for a flexible stretchy fabric.

I have been thinking about this for a long time and began to see a product so I sat down and experimented.

I first made an art piece and washed it to see how it held up. The results were good.

t shirt strips art quilt

So next I decided to create a t shirt strip tunic.

t shirt strips tunic

And then a vest.

t shirt strips vest

At the beginning of next winter I think I will make a coat. It is a lot of work and very time consuming but I really like the results.

Of course I used the remnants to create more products

t shirt strips zippered pouches

I am working on a tutorial for the art quilt technique as well as the tunic and the vest. Follow to see when it will be ready.

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