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That pile of UFO's

In one of the groups that I am in on facebook we were asked if we have a pile of UFO's Unfinished Objects :)

That got me thinking and I took a tour around my studio to see what my current situation is. I try very hard to focus as I really don't like living with piles of fabric out in the open. My home studio is an open space in the house so I try to keep things organized. Projects in boxes, not huge over flowing piles.

I keep saying that I have a headache, of the good kind, where my head is bursting with so many ideas amd each time I get an idea I fill a small box with the releveant pieces for that project. Looking around my studio I have 4 projects on the go besides for learning a new program on my site to create courses. Another pastel rag quilt, t shirt scraps for a tunic for a new tutorial that I can"see" in my head. A pastel slow stitching "boro" type of project and scrap crumb pieces in preparation for students to create pillows.

The rag quilt is one that I have been working on for a while, I have 4 others like it which we use regularly. This will be the 5th. They are all in tranquil pastel shades which I find soothing to live with at the end of a busy colorful day.

pastel rag patchwork blanket on table in the sewing studio

I think I will have to curtail my pinterest viewing. Every time I get online, the creative sparks start flying. This time, by chance I saw some crocheted tunics and they sent me in the direction of creating something with my t shirt and tie dye scraps which I have a lot of. I sketched what I saw in my head in my notebook and the tunic is on the production line.

purple t shirt strips

I am working on that tranquil, pastel shaded slow stitching piece. I thought that I needed to take it easy for a while after working on the Wave sunset but my brain is telling me otherwise.

And of course I routinely prepare fabrics for students. This week they will be creating crumb pillows in summer colors.

summer colored fabric scraps

summer colored patchwork, girl placing fabrics on table

An ongoing cycle of UFO's

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