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The Colors of my Now

We are at war. People are angry and sad and heartbroken. The place where I work best is with my students. Sharing feelings, talking, creating and trying to work through the horror and uncertainty.

We are creating products, practical products, using combat colors. Pouches and key rings.

When I asked them what our combat colors are, most of them said olive green and beige. There are more, I know, because in the early stages of my sewing career in Israel I provided a mending service and had many soldiers from all the different battalions come to my sewing studio.

I remembered many of the colors but did some research for the students and found this here

chart of IDF uniform colors

As is my system, over the years I kept the remnants from uniforms that I mended and I found the bag last week. It is actually quite a large bag with many different sized pieces in all the different colors.

I spoke with an artist friend this week and told her of the project of combat colors that I am doing with the children and about my huge bag of remnants and that I have begun to create miniature art quilts in combat colors. She asked me why miniatures? Why not larger pieces, as my way, to work through these times, and then exhibit them.

I thought about it while sorting through the remnants pile and came up with at least 6 different artistic designs.

This morning, I sorted through my fabric boxes and took out all of the combat colors that I could find and came up with a relatively large selection of pieces and colors

fabric pieces on a table greens blues beige tan next to shelves with plastic boxes on them

I found strips of fabric

strips of fabric on a wooden board, olive green blue teal tan beige

and many yoyos in different colors that I have sewn over the years

rosettes in green blue tan teal

I found t shirt remnants from shirts that I had mended

t shirt strips on a table olive green khaki colors

It is as though there was a reason that I had kept all of these remnants.

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1 Comment

Nov 01, 2023

Beautiful works. So sad for the impetus for this project. Glad for your connections with the students. I did something similar during the first few years of COVID and it kept us sane.. This is such a more difficult situation. You are a blessing to your students to give them an opportunity to be productive in a meaningful way and to connect with each other.

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