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The Terrain

I am progressing with my combat series using remnants from the previous pieces as well.

green and brown fabric scraps pouring out of a bowl on a turquoise colored table

I decided to use only the olive, tan and beige pieces in this one and not the remnants from the blue army uniforms.

Olive green and beige fabric strips on a wooden board on a table

I created lots of embellishments from the small thin pieces

Strips of fabric embellishments in green and brown shades being held in a hand

And sewed the base

patchwork landscape in greens and browns o nteh sewing machine

The finished piece.

It is an abstract boho piece. It conveys a mood of a green brown terrain.

Green brown terrain in desert colors. A quilted patchwork landscape piece

I wanted to create a rustic, bohemian piece of fabric with lots of texture.

I first created textured strips,and then I wove some pieces and sewed some pieces. A tactile and colorful quilted patchwork piece depicting the terrain down south in Israel.

The tutorial for this technique can be purchased here on the site

and here on Etsy

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