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Things Happen

Yesterday I spent the whole day sewing and usually my tools serve me well.

sewing fabrics on sewing machine

I was sewing happily away and as happens the thread in the bottom spool ran out. I stopped and went to the spool that fills while I am sewing on my industrial.

bobbin winder on industrial sewing machine

I hadn't even noticed, I was so engrossed in sewing, that the bobbin had stopped filling up.

I dismantled the unit and found a surprise at the bottom. The rubber band on the bobbin winder had torn. Lesson learned. These small inexpensive items can ground your flight. I will purchase a few and keep them in the tool box.

torn rubber band

torn rubber band

It will take me a few days till I manage to find a new one, so how do I fill my bobbins in the meantime.

I had to be creative

The spool of threads sits in a vintage mug

spool of black thread in a vintage mug

The bobbin, that doesn't fit - the hole in the center is too small - but I managed to jam it on my Brother machine so that it somehow doesn't fly around and wound thread onto it.

Thread being wound onto a bobbin on a sewing machine

Now I can continue creating.

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