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Wave Landscape Video

I have written in the past about keeping actively busy intellectually. I have found myself in the past 2 weeks doing that rather strenuously. Researching, studying and creating new techniques.

And then I decided to bite the bullet and create on demand videos of my techniques after requests sent my way many, many times. I have a high tech background, having worked as a Human Resources Manager for many years.

high tech office, office table, girl with feet on table

I learnt and taught myself many programmes, but and it is a large but, there was on site, a dedicated computer department which serviced the computers and were there for questions. I don't have that computer department on hand now and have been out of that field for many years.

I am happy to say that I am getting there and the first video will be out very soon.

I have been creating samples for teaching the technique and taking many short videos which will be created into one or 2 larger videos.

That in itself is a challenge. My home studio is not a filming studio. So I had to be creative with the filming and the lighting.

sewing machine, light stand, art studio

The videos will be stand alone but my suggestion is to purchase the pdf as well and then you would have a complete reference. I will also later on be having zoom classes for those that have purchased the pdfs and the videos as question and answer sessions.

The first video will be coming soon I have one or 2 more takes to create and then.

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1 commentaire

11 juin 2023

So excited for your wave video and would like to buy it. Has it been released yet? If so please send link.

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