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Arty Bags and Clutches

It is fun to create art. It normally goes on the wall. I love it when art is given that added value factor by being incorporated into a useful item as well.

I am going to share a few bags and pouches created by people and incorporating the wave landscape patchwork technique into the bags and pouches.

Zippered pouches are always practical and they can be pretty too.

As we see here in Brenda Mason Testu's pouch with an added collaged flower.

Brenda Mason Tstu's zippered pouch
Brenda Mason Testu

These two are mine made from a spring and summer piece of fabric art.

Spring and summer pouches
Spring and Summer pouches

Danute's crossbody bag in greens

Maz Williams stitched together some basket- bags in beiges, browns and gold.

Fabric baskets
Maz Williams

Dina didn't really want to make another landscape in sewing class, so after giving it some thought she decided to make quilted wave fabric with the strips that she had chosen and then construct a zippered pouch from the fabric.

Dana Amaya framed her African fabric piece in black and created an art bag

A black fabri bag with a wave landscape insert piece
Dana Amaya

Patricia Robbins created this colorful bag with summery fabrics

artisitc handbag with stripes
Patricia Robbins

And Kit Pepper's shoulder bag

A rustic shoulder bag
Kit Pepper

Looking forward to sharing more with you.

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