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Creating in Greens

It has taken me a while to get back in my groove again. Not all my fabrics and buttons are available yet.

The first box that I began working with last week had mainly green fabrics in it, hence the green theme.

This morning I got up with LOTS of creative energy looked at the fabrics, shapes and sizes and accordingly decided to create 2 things.

There were lots of narrow strips in the mix so what I chose to make were a fabric scarf and a textured landscape.

I wanted to make a lighter narrower scarf that could serve as a necklace, hairband or a belt as well.

I laid the strips down on the table and chose randomly from the piles, and stitched them onto a piece of narrow green sheeting.

Fabric strips
Fabric strips

I am using up all the threads that I have before buying more, making do with what I have. So I took all the greens out including the bobbins that had green thread and threaded the machine.

A selection of threads
A selection of threads

Randomly stitched the strips down chamging the threads as they finished using colors as they came, in no particular order.

I just wanted something VERY green today. To complement my ring.

Green turquosie colors
Green turquoise colors

I am very happy with the result. It will rag more after being washed and that is the look that I want. Prairie - rustic.

Green fabric scarf
Green fabric scarf

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