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Fabric Elements

I am still working on my combat series.

sewn fabric pieces in olive green colors in a pile on a white table

I had said that I would create until either ideas or fabrics ran out. I don't know when that will happen. Scrap fabrics have a magical way of multiplying. It doesn't seem to matter how much fabric I use when sewing there is always an endless supply which seems to grow larger rather than smaller.

This time I am using my crumb technique to create an abstract combat colored piece.

sewn olive green fabric pieces in a cream colored plastic bowl on a table

I had originally thought to use the technique to create a background and then applique red flowers onto it. It seems that I have enough crumb pieces to be able to create a stand alone abstract piece

sewing machine and olive green fabric pieces sewn together

and also enough to create a background for the flowers.

sewn fabric pieces in olive green colors in a pile on a table

It is relaxing and therapautic to create using the strip piecing technique.

After cutting these are my building blocks

crumb patchwork pieces on a table

And of course these remnants will be kept for another project, maybe fabric beads?

scissors and fabric scraps on a table

I always enjoy finding ways to use up all of the remnants and scrap pieces when working on a project.

This is a 25 page PDF Download Tutorial

The Crumb patchwork technique is known as a classic sewing technique for construction of fabrics. The ability to join pieces of fabric in varying sizes, and different colors and shades gives us an efficient and quality tool to create fabric which is perfect for art, home décor and fashion accessories.

The tutorial can be found here on the site

and here on Etsy

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