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Floral Boho Bag

Updated: Jan 16

Yesterday I felt like those artists that one reads about. They wake up and go straight to the studio, not even taking the time to make a cup of coffee (I do make my cup of coffee) and create. I understand that drive.

crumb patchwork fabric piece on table with fabric strips next to it and fabric flwoers and yoyos on the patchwork piece

One has a vision and can't work fast enough to bring it to fruition. So yesterday I worked non-stop until I finally saw the bag. I created a second crumb background piece,

I had enough small pieces left to do that.

sewing small patchwork pieces

And then created another floral applique on that.

Choosing floral flowers for a floral applique

Floral applique on patchwork background in olive and brown colors

I am usually happy with the results of my creations and this time I am more than happy :) I needed to sew and design for more than 40 years to be able to get to the stage that I see - in my mind's eye. the design, the colors and the technique and then create exactly what I see.

Floral boho patchwork bag

I am working on a detailed tutorial for this bag and it will join the other techniques in the store.

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