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From a tablecloth to a skirt

One of her purchases from our morning trip to the charity store was a red and white checked cotton tablecloth. She took one look at it and decided to make a box pleated skirt.

We had a cup of coffee and cupcakes that she had made for us

Rainbow cupcakes
Rainbow cupcakes

And she immediately began to measure and mark her pleats

.I love the enrergy of the young ones (she is 18 and has been studying sewing with us since age 9) they want to see the results immediately.

Planning box pleats
Planning box pleats

She purchased flizeline, or vilene or pellon depending on where you come from :)

She wanted quite a high waistband so it had to be sitffened to retain its shape.

Stiffening the waistband
Stiffening the waistband

She worked on the rest of the skirt at home and doesn't have a button hole stitch or even a zigzag so she sewed buttonholes by hand.

Hand stitched button holes
Hand stitched buttonholes

2 large black buttons and hooks and eyes for the skirt band closure.

Buttosn and hooks and eyes
Buttons and hooks and eyes

Deep set in seam side pockets.

Side pockets
Side pockets

I love how it looks on her and tried to convince her to keep it long.

The long skirt version
The long version

I didn't have any luck. She knows exactly what look she wants and here it is.

The final look
The final look

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