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Good Luck Amulet Pockets

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Last week I wanted to create a little bag to carry a mini sewing kit in my bag. I didn't want a zippered pouch I wanted something much smaller than that. And I wanted it to be flat.

After many experiments I came up with the idea of creating a small pocket which could fit very easily into my bag.

I made one - success. And then I thought of all the other little things that I carry in my bag. Some of them are wrapped in fabric and some are in nylon bags.

I carry a lucky stone, a herbal mix for a tea infusion, a prayer, a sewing kit and a small first aid kit. They are in containers that are all shaped differently and end up being very bulky in the bag.

I wanted the pockets to carry memories with them so I chose to use my ScrapFabric technique to create the fabric for the pockets. This is a technique that allows me to incoroprate many small scraps of fabrics from many sources. Scraps from children's clothing, remnants from a much loved blanket, pieces of fabric from my wedding dress. All the fabric scraps that I have kept that have sentimental value for me.

Plum and red and rust remnants from quilts that I gifted to loved ones.


Scrap fabric
Scrap fabric

First I made a few mosaic pieces and then constructed my pockets. Pictures next week.

Mosaic patchwork
Mosaic patchwork

The pockets are perfect, they are colorful and flat and I have made them all the same size so they fit very nicely into one side of my bag.

And then I thought why not share this idea. So I sat down and wrote a tutorial which should be done by this weekend.

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