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My favorite tshirt tunic

No matter how many times I say that I won't buy any more t shirts I always end up with a few more than I need in my closet. They are hard to turn down when they cost 1 shekel at the charity store and I tell myself that I can always let the children use them in the sewing class as recreating fabric.

Well what I did 2 weeks ago before the sewing session that I had last week with the children, was sort through my closet for t shirts for them to create scarves. At the same time I sorted a number of t shirts to use to create long t shirt tunics.

I found a few khaki/camo colored shirts that I had a number of that were waiting to be taken in and shortened. I kept 2 for that and was left with another 3.

Khaki camo t shirts

This is one that I had made 2 years ago and I had used my serger for it.

Serged t shirt tunic

This time I wanted to do something different. A regular straight stitch and to leave the seams exposed which created an embellishment on the tunic.

I ended up having a 3/4 length sleeve which actually makes it more versatile. I can wear it in winter over another long sleeve green t shirt with a matching infinity scarf and in spring and summer wear as is.

Exposed seams on the tunic

I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Flattering and very comfortable A great reuse of t shirts

Olive green recreated t shirt tunic

If you would like to try this technique you can find the digital instructions here


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