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One Inch Magic Fabric

Updated: Jun 8

Endless fabric scraps in many different sizes. I decided to make a 4 seasons series so I sorted them into one inch pieces according to the 4 seasons.

These fabrics can be framed and used as art pieces as is, or can be used as fabrics to create other products, bags, pouches, fabric bracelets or necklaces and can even be used to create pockets, collars and cuffs on shirts and jackets.

Spring colors

fabric scraps in spring colors
Spring fabric scraps

Summer colors

fabric scraps in summer colors
Summer fabric scraps

Autumn colors

fabric scraps in autumn colors
Autumn fabric scraps

Winter colors

fabric scraps in winter colors
Winter fabric scraps

Stored them in plastic bottles for easy access

Fabric scraps stored in plastic bottles
Storage in plastic bottles

Matched them with threads for stitching. I chose threads from my stash which would merge and not contrast this time.

fabric scraps and white sewing thread
Whilte thread

Fabric scraps and orange sewing thread
Orange thread

fabric scraps and fuschia sewing thread
Fuschia thread

fabric scraps and grey sewing thread
Grey thread

And made new fabric in all 4 seasons


Find a detailed tutorial here on Etsy

and here on the site

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