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Southern Landscape

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

I sewed a huge crumb patchwork piece. I used all of the combat colored remnants from my previous works. I sewed using a strip piecing method and sewing with leaders and enders as well for minimum wastage of thread and ease of creation. I explain here in great detail how I sew with leaders and enders.

red bowl of fabric pieces on a turquoise table

I used many small pieces and kept sewing and sewing.

strip of fabric pieces on the sewing machine

I ended up with a large pile of elements for my landscape piece. At this stage I would normally iron all the elements flat, but this time chose not to. I want the landscape to have a rugged, rough uneven look.

fabric elements on the table

All the elements are sorted in piles of similar sized pieces and now to design.

patchwork pieces in combat colors on the table in the sewing studio

The placement of the pieces is not random. I am painting and want the different colors to flow through the piece. I don't want to see one color clustered in a section but to be spread out all over the landscape. It takes a while. I place a few pieces down, step back, look at the piece, take some pieces off, rearrange them until I feel that the look is right. My right, the look that I am striving for.

patchwork elements being placed in a design on a table in the sewing studio

I then sew all the pieces together.

I had originally thought to create one abstract piece but as usual I got carried away and with the fabric scraps I managed to create 2 large pieces.

patchwork quilt in combat colors on a sewing machine

I have a large selection of threads. Sometimes I find the exact color that I need, other times I have to be creative. I won't purchase more threads so it is ocassionally a challenge

I was not sure how to quilt them so I created a third smaller piece to experiment with the quilting on that.

I quilt with a straight stitch machine and don't use a walking foot even though I have 2. My creations are usually samples for classes that I teach. I assume that most of my students only have domestic sewing machines and most of them only have a straight stitch. I also don't want my students to have to purchase special supplies or equipment in order to create with my techniques. So I develop my techniques using mostly a domestic straight stitch sewing machine. If someone has an industrial machine that is good but one can create with a domestic.

The first large piece will be an abstract piece and I will quilt the second one and applique a floral arrangement on it. I am going to create using Anemone's - Kalaniot - which are Israel's National Flower and they grow profusely down South in Israel.

I always enjoy finding ways to use up all of the remnants and scrap pieces when working on a project. I don't throw anything away. Here I see beads or parts of a fabric flower.

For those that want to learn how I create my crumb quilted pieces and sort my colors and fabrics there is this: 25 page PDF Download Tutorial

The tutorial can be found here on the site

and here on Etsy

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Dec 16, 2023

Amazing how neutrals become a story when you use so many of them. Nicely done.

Sharon Prigan
Sharon Prigan
Dec 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you


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