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Crumb Patchwork Pouch

Zippered pouches are my go to gift. They are practical and pretty. I created a zippered crumb patchwork pouch to be gifted together with the crumb patchwork quilt for the new born baby.

The pouch is quite a large one and can hold a diaper or two and some lotion and baby wipes.

I created 2 rectangles using scraps from the quilt fabric.

patchwork fabric rectangle

I found a matching zipper in my boxes of upcycled zippers. Created a handle and cut 2 rectangles out of the blue sheet for the pouch lining.

naterials for a zippered pouch a zipper 2 patchwork rectangles and 2 lining rectangles fabric strap handle with lobster claw

I ironed the 2 crumb rectangles and then created "sandwiches" with lining piece, a batting piece and the patchwork top.

ironing patchwork fabric

I then quilted a grid over both rectangles

quilting a grid design on 2 patchwork fabric rectangles

quilted rectangle with a polyester batting

quilted patchwork rectangle

I then sewed the pouch after adding tabs to the zipper on both sides

zipper tab

The zippered pouch

ocean colored patchwork zippered pouch

Gifted together with the quilt

zippered pouch on folded baby quilt


The crumb quilting technique on Etsy

and on the site

The zippered pouch technique on Etsy

and on the site

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