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The History of Sewing Machines

Never underestimate the power of those with sewing machines. A sewing machine is a magical tool, the knowledge of how to use it gives people superpowers.

"To inspire people

Don't show them your superpowers

Show them theirs"

I have spent a few days doing maintenance on my sewing machines and sorting them and arranging the storage. I have been rediscovering machines that I have for many years already.

I have a large selection of sewing machines from many different eras and they work in different styles.

This is a hand driven machine without a lower bobbin. The upper thread catches on a metal prong and creates a loop. When the needle goes down again the thread

is caught on the second metal prong catching the first loop. A stitch is created. It is mandatory to understand how the machine works in order to sew proficiently. That is

how I teach as well. the students have to understand the workings of the machine in order to converse with it.

Vintage sewing machine

A toy sewing machine which does work, it even has a bobbin.

toy sewing machine

See the difference in size, the toy next to my industrial.

toy sewing machine next to an industrial sewing machine

My go to vintage Orion which works like a mini industrial machine.

vintage black orion sewing machine

A vintage Brother machine from the 1950's. An all metal body, which I love, it is a heavy machine that doesn't rock and dance on the table when one sews. This model has a zigzag option. Stitching from side to side.

turquoise metal brother sewing machine

I NEVER allow my students to sew or iron without wearing shoes. That is a very strict rule in my studio. I see on the internet that a lot of people sew bare feet. Vintage machines, many times have metal pedals or controllers as they are called. Feet sweat, especially in the

summer. It is not a good idea to sew on a metal foot or to iron with wet bare feet.

Metal foot controller , pedal for a sewing machine

Some of the machines have plastic controllers, foot pedals. But my safety rules still apply here as well. Better safe than sorry.

plastic foot controller, pedal for a sewing machine

I have many modern machines. For ease of maintenance I by far prefer the vintage metal ones. It is easy to get to the inside areas and everything can be cleaned and oiled regularly.

Cleaning a sewing machine

Cleaning a sewing machine

This is an amazing video which I found on the internet which explains in great detail exactly how a sewing machine works.

The Surprising Genius of Sewing Machines

Sewing on a Machine

The machine looks a bit daunting, they are going to sew by themselves?! Until they sit down and sew by themselves they don't really believe that they can.

They are astounded and a bit in awe of what they can accomplish. And its only the beginning. The sewing machine is a tool that is designed to serve them and to be used by them to create wonderful items.

This is a 34 page PDF Download Tutorial -

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